Needs in ESP and EGP

There are many reasons to learn English for specific purpose as in the table below.

Learner needs and/or interests Company needs
To read and understand the documents they are dealing with, such as handbooks of the machines they are using Company wants all the staff to have knowledge of English
To understand the instructions given on the machines Company wants the staff to be able to understand handbooks
To make presentation in an English speaking country and/or an important seminar and/or to the company partners Company wants the staff to be able to communicate with foreign dealers and/or engineers etc in and/or outside the company
To do business abroad Company sends staff abroad to deal with contracts, attend seminars or as representatives
To get promoted in their job Company wants the staff to correspond in English

As you can see in the above table, learner needs and company needs are similar to each other. However, motivation in learner needs will be higher than in company needs. What to learn is the learner’s decision. There can be a group of learners with such different specific needs as medicine, business, tourism, banking and science.

is designed according to learner needs level of language proficiency is important
restricted area of language is taught wide range of reading texts in different subjects
may not be taught according to any pre-ordained methodology flexible time
target directed learner interests/preference
limited time period cover all skills

In ESP classes, learner already has a reason for learning either on job needs or company they work. Some syllabus are designed for group of learners with homogeneous needs targeting one particular discipline or occupation as we analyse needs of learner and institution.

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