Complete the sentences with a prepositions.

  1. I’m ________ charge of about twenty workers in this plant.
  2. This is made ___________ silk.
  3. He looks _________ the maintenance side of the business.
  4. I get up _________ 5 o’clock every morning.
  5. We produce electronic parts __________ computers.
  6. Who takes care __________ ‘faults’?
  7. He’s _________ the late shift today.
  8. This building is 10m ________ height.
  9. I look forward __________ meeting you all next week.
  10. We need a piece of metal 4m long _________ 1m wide.
  11. This unit consists __________ five sub levels.
  12. If one of the parts breaks down, we will replace it free __________ charge.
  13. She works __________ a big pharmaceutical company.
  14. Our storage room is located _________ the ground level.

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