Speaking activities

There are many ways to make students speak in the target language in the classroom. Engineering students, especially, tend to read and analyse a lot but not speak. Here are some activities easily can be used in the classroom.

  1. Pair work. Pair work is one of the alternative ways of making students communicate. Most students become embarrassed when it comes to speaking in front of their peers especially in another language. Pair work encourage them to get rid of this feeling.
  2. Discussion/Debate. It’s a good activity especially if you have a crowded class because they will have a chance to express their opinion individually after discussing the task in a group. Writing up an essay can be given as extension work for them to do in their own time.
  3. Cue cards. A task can be prepared on small cards and given out the students in a group or pair to make a dialogue amongst them. Therefore, they will exchange their ideas and try to make a smooth conversation. Click here  for cue cards ideas.
  4. Picture description. A picture of any technical device or equipment is given out in pairs, group or individually. The students are expected to describe what they see in technical detail.

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