After a successful conference

This is the 3rd year of the conference. The conference took place on 3-7 July 2017, Nis, Serbia and Nis University hosted this amazing ESP Conference and summer school. The conference runs every two years, generally in Niš, and is thoroughly recommended to all who have an interest in the subject. Aside from having excellent content, this was superbly organised by Nadezda Stojkovic and ESP Organising TeamThere were delegates from Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and European countries. The number of the attendees show that the event was very well received as a valuable, stimulating, and enjoyable particularly with different workshops which present innovative ideas and suggestions in ESP .From IESPTAs perspective the conference provided a great opportunity to address its aims related to bringing together information about the association (IESPTA) and encouraging dialogue across the members of IESPTA.

We all enjoyed the Gala dinner hosted by University of Nis, cocktail party with Jazz by Andreja Language InstituteFrom Pro_Mens, Dunisca Milosavljevic presented amazing interactive presentation-workshop about Fast Forward Reading. Adel Ali showed us how creativity can be useful in the classroom although it takes time. And there were many others being worth watching and listening.

If you missed this amazing conference please come and join us in 2019! Follow us and receive the latest news!


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