Technical English

The following worksheets are free to use. You are welcome to use them in the classroom in the way you wish but do not use them for commercial purpose

Sample 1                              Worksheet 1  (Word formation -Technical words/use of                                                                                         prepositions)
Sample 2                              Worksheet 2      (What would you say in these situations? –                                                                                       speaking activity)
Graph description            (It’s all about how to interpret the graph.)
Must/Mustn’t (1)                (This worksheet is about safety rules at the factory.)
Must/ Mustn’t (2)              (This activity is about safety rules at the workshop and picture                                                 description.)
Agree/Disagree                 (This worksheet is sharing, agreeing or disagreeing with each                                                   other on a matter. )
Past Passive                       (Past passive form with technical word formation.)

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